Wednesday Wave

Wednesday Wave embodies the feeling you get when you are in the zone. This can be referred to as a flow state. Tanner Creel, M.S in Sport and Human Performance, worked with me on identifying the keys, for the minor hockey team I was a part of, that would help us win the championship. During this session I had trouble identifying tangible actions that will make us victorious. What I thought was a copout answer, ending up turning into a powerful movement. I said, just ride the wave! We were building momentum in every practice and game- simply flying on all cylinders. Many people know what it is like to be a part of a group that is in the zone, it seems like everything goes right. It feels mystical, as if you decoded a magic formula launching yourself into a state of flow. Whatever you’re working on right now, consistent effort and focus can help you enter into a powerful zone. Take a second to be mindful of what you’re trying to accomplish and simply ride your own wave. Acknowledge your victories accompanied by your persistent effort and ride that wave to victory. Every Wednesday we are given an opportunity to drop into the apex of our wave and take the momentum directly into the remainder of the week.

Enjoy the process and ride your Wave!

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