Hello Friends,

My name is Ben Freeman

  • Born and raised in Falmouth Maine.
  • Grew up playing baseball, soccer, golf, ice hockey, and more.
  • At Falmouth High I played soccer, baseball, and hockey. When I moved on to Northfield Mount Hermon, I played baseball and hockey
  • Went to University of Connecticut, graduated in 2020, where I majored in Health Care Management, and minored in Public Policy
  • Played division 1 hockey and was blessed to be assistant captain junior year and captain my senior year

I am obsessed with health, wellness, and performance. By no means am I an expert, but I plan to be. After hockey, as a health care management major, I hope to use my business degree to infiltrate the health care field and provide alternatives to the current options. Please enjoy and interact with this site. Leave comments and suggestions. My goal is to help people I know and maybe some I don’t. I hope to build a large community of people actively seeking to improve their health, wellness, and performance.

To the moon,


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